Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap 1.1.0 (MOD Unlimited Money)

For those who’re pretty tired of the modern 3D shooting or action games, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to enjoy something a little bit nostalgic. And what could be better than immersing yourself into the fun and relaxing retro gameplay from the 90s? Find out more about Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap with our detailed reviews.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap 1.1.0 (MOD Unlimited Money) Story

The game begins as you – a capable teenage warrior was tasked with a mission to find and take down a dreaded dragon. But little do you know, the dragons possess the ability to curse people. Thus, you find yourself being cursed into a half human half lizard monster by the evil Meka dragon.

To explore the situation as well as finding a way to turn yourself back to normal, you must take on your adventure through the realms of Dragon’s Trap. Take down all the enemies that stand on your way and find the right potion to turn yourself back.

As you progress further into the game, you’ll gain access to new powers that you’ve never known would exist. Explore the world of monsters and experience various shape-shifting abilities. Turn yourself into unique animals and have a taste of their powers.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap 1.1.0 (MOD Unlimited Money)

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap 1.1.0 (MOD Unlimited Money) Features

Here you’ll find a few interesting features in Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap:

Play the game with different heroes

As you find yourself lost in the world of Monster Land, you’ll explore dozens of different shape-shifting abilities. Make uses of these incredible abilities to make your heroes more capable during battles. Here are the main heroes that’ll amaze you:

Lizard man

This is your first shape as you were cursed into this body by the evil dragon. But don’t take it lightly as it allows you to shoot powerful fire blasts to the enemies. This could easily knock down the monsters that are getting in your way as well as allowing to quickly deal with the bosses.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap 1.1.0 (MOD Unlimited Money) 2

Mouse man

For those who want a quicker and responsive fighting style, the mouse man could be a perfect choice. Though your health bar is reduced as you also get smaller. However, he is capable of performing quick dashes to evade the enemies. Plus, he can fight in a safe distance, making him a great hero for ranged attacks

In addition, you can even climb the walls and fight your enemies on different terrains. And most importantly, make sure you play conservatively as the mouse man is little fragile.

Piranha man

For maps that are located underwater, having an aquatic shape-shifter is certainly a great feature. That being said, with Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap, water maps will never discourage you. Simply switch to Piranha man and you can enjoy relaxing gameplay underwater with ease. Fight the enemies, dash their attacks, and swiftly take them down.

Lion man

For maps that have lots of monsters, it would be nice to have a capable hero who can easily block the enemies’ attacks and charge at them fearlessly. With Lion Man, you’re equipped with a huge shield that can block almost every attack from the enemies. In addition, you are also able to perform powerful swing which could take down your enemies in matters of seconds.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap 1.1.0 (MOD Unlimited Money) 32

Hawk man

Sometimes, you can save yourself from the annoying fights just by turning into the Hawk Man and lift yourself off the ground. However, don’t think that you’re safe on the ground as the game also features flying enemies.

Explore the realm of Monster Land

Throughout the game, you’ll be introduced to a world of monstrous enemies (and friends). Enjoy dozens of different missions which involve all sort of things. As you progress, you’ll find yourself in different maps with different setups, each is a lot more different from the others.

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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap 1.1.0 (MOD Unlimited Money) DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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