Kim Kardashian: Hollywood 10.10.0 (MOD Unlimited Cashes/Stars)

Discover the Kim Kardashian’s authentic gameplay as you design your own story, make it big in Hollywood, and own the red carpet as you become a true celebrity. Rise to fame and powers with your characters and enjoy the luxurious privileges by being a famous celebrity in Hollywood. Find out more about this amazing game as we take you through our comprehensive reviews.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood 10.10.0 (MOD Unlimited Cashes/Stars) Story

The game is essentially a Hollywood simulation where you can truly discover all the best and worst aspects of the entertainment capital. Follow your characters, you’ll have the chances to experience all the thing that you have always dreamt of.

That being said, players can create their own characters and have access to plenty of customizing options. Create your own unique characters and get involved in this ultimate simulation experience where you can take your character through all the activities in the game.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood 10.10.0 (MOD Unlimited Cashes/Stars)

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood 10.10.0 (MOD Unlimited Cashes/Stars) Features

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Play as unique and beautiful characters

For the first time, gamers can have access to a complete customizing option where they could easily change the way their character looks. Pick your favorite hairstyles, eyes sizes and colors, nose shapes, mouth types, height, and of course, your gender. Give your characters their own names and start your own journey in Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

On top of that, the game also features dozens types of clothes for you to choose from with hundreds of different dresses, shoes, accessories, and so on. And most importantly, you can even get your hands on some of the most favorite clothes that come straight from Kardashian’s personal picks.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood 10.10.0 (MOD Unlimited Cashes/Stars) 2

Get involved in many exciting activities

Enjoy epic Hollywood simulating gameplay as you have your chances to encounter with varied celebs, fans, and paparazzi. And for the fans of the Queen, you can even have your chances to hang out with Kim herself. Be a star, explore the streets of Hollywood, and start having your dream life in Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

Embark your own adventure and become a real star

Begin your journey as a newbie in this luxurious neighbourhood. Choose your career paths and start from the bottom by doing everything you could. Join the A-list stars and be a famous movie actor, fashion model, designer, and so on. Be what you want to be and don’t hesitate to make your dream come true. The choices are up to you.

Explore varied simulation features

In this game, you’ll also have the option to explore Hollywood through many of its famous locations. Travel the city of LA, visit famous exclusive clubs, having dinner in high-quality restaurant, and have a rest in your penthouse apartment. Fulfil your dreams and live in a luxurious house as you’ve always wanted to.

In addition, with many customizing options available, gamers can also have the most modern and luxury furniture and equipment installed on your homes. Bring real class to your apartment as you become a real star.

And if you want to, you’ll also have the opportunity to travel to famous city across America and other parts of the world. Spend quality times in New York City, Miami, Paris, London, and so on.

Choose your stories in Kim Kardashian Hollywood

And to make the game more exciting, gamers in Kardashian Hollywood also have the option to choose your own stories by picking your decisions. In certain stages of your journey, there will be tough decisions to make. What you choose will have great effects on you for the rest of your life. So choose carefully.

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